Coaching/Consulting per 1/2 hour

Coaching/Consulting per 1/2 hour


Want to have your best ride yet? This is the place to start! No matter where you are on your bicycling journey, we’re here to help. As a licensed coach, Coach Eric has experience working with riders of every ability, from absolute beginners to professional athletes. He can help you

  • learn to use and ride with clipless pedals

  • ride safely in traffic

  • improve your confidence on your bike

  • ride a mountain bike on trails

  • improve your bike handling skills

  • find the right bike for you

  • find the right saddle for you

  • reduce or eliminate comfort issues

  • plan for your next bike event

  • increase your power and efficiency

and much more. Sit down or ride with Coach Eric and see what it’s like to learn from someone who’s only interest is to help you achieve your best ride yet.

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