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Your best ride yet.

Bicycle coaching, fitting, and repair service

No matter what kind of bike you ride or where you are in your cycling journey, we’ll help you combine bike and body to help increase your confidence, efficiency, safety, and fun. Have your best ride yet.



Your best ride starts with having your best fit. Your comfort, confidence, efficiency, and speed are all derived from how well your bicycle is aligned with your body. We’ll take the time to discuss your goals and do a comprehensive physical assessment to make sure you’re in a position to get the most out of your bike. Whether you’re on your first road bike, training for a century, or looking to upgrade categories, success starts with a good fit. Schedule your appointment today!

Bicycle Repair

Don’t take your bike to just anybody. At Not Just Anybody’s we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get any bicycle repair job done accurately, quickly, and within budget the first time. Not sure how much it’s going to cost? Click here to get a no obligation estimate in no time flat. Can’t live without your ride while it’s waiting to to be fixed? Schedule an appointment today!



Once you have the right fit and your ride is spinning like a top, we’ll help you maximize your time on the bike. By listening to your goals and factoring your time constraints we’ll come up with a custom, targeted training plan to make sure you’re getting the most out of the time you have to ride. Coaching is not just for racers, either. If you’re cycling for fitness or looking to finish a charity ride, training with a plan helps make sure you’re getting the rest and recovery you need to make sure you have your best ride yet. Sign up today!


Today is your day.

When you dream about your best ride, what do you see? Are you powering over hills with strong legs or flowing effortlessly through the woods? Whatever your best ride looks like, we’re here to help make it a reality. Today is the day. Take the first step toward the ride you’ve always dreamed of.


Schedule your Appointment

Make your appointment with Coach Eric today. The schedule can fill up fast so don’t wait!

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